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EB-X41 XGA 3LCD Projector

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00 HKT

Friendly, Elegant & Compact Multimedia Projector

Epson EB-X41 multi-media projectors offer not just a stylish new design, but great performance as well, especially suitable for either SME/SOHO or Education use. It delivers 3,600lm color light output and 3,600lm white light output allows for use in bright light conditions. Several digital connection possibilities broaden its compatibility with computers, games and DVD players.

High Color Light Output
EB-X41 has 3,600lm color light output, -XGA (4:3) resolution and 15,000:1 contrast. You can enjoy beautiful and clear images wherever you go without worrying about ambient light levels.

Brightness has long been the specification used for projector comparisons; however the old specification measured only White Light Output, rather than measuring both White Light Output and Color Light Output. The vast majority of the projectors today project color so measuring White Light Output or White Brightness alone is insufficient. Color Light Output gives the projector buyers the data they need and have been missing.

Color Light Output is measured in accordance with IDMS (Information Display Measurements Standard) 15.4 which was standardized in June, 2012 by SID, a major international organization in electronic displays.

Enhanced Usability
- Horizontal Keystone Adjuster
The unique and new designed Horizontal Keystone Adjuster allows for intuitive horizontal keystone correction of distorted images. Vertical distortion is detected by the projector itself and is corrected automatically. A combination of adjustment features correct image distortion with just one touch for a broader range of placement options.

- Auto Source Search
The projector automatically detects the input source to allow projection to automatically begin without the user having to manually switch the input.

- Auto Power On
Projection starts automatically when a signal from the computer is received while the projector is in standby. There is no need to turn on the power using the remote control or the power button on the projector itself.

- Home Button
Home screen is newly supported function from EB-X41. The home screen displays functions which are used the most frequently, including source, wireless connection status. So, they can be accessed easily and immediately.  On default setting, home screen will automatically appear when no signal is input.  When signal is input, users can move to home screen by pushing home button on control panel or remote.

Compatible with Wi-Fi connection
EB-X41 is compatible with Wi-Fi connection. You can transfer images from your PC easily with the optional ELPAP10 wireless module. Also, using the
Epson iProjectionapplication allows you to display images and files from your smart devices. This is a convenient solution for smooth and smart projection.

Multi PC Projection
EB-X41 comes with advanced features such as multi-PC projection while the projector is connected to the local wireless network via the optional ELPAP10 wireless module. The Multi PC Projection feature allows a network of up to 50 PCs to be connected via Epson's
EasyMP Multi PC Projectionsoftware to a single projector. The newest version of this feature allows a host PC to act as a Moderator who can then select up to 4 of these connected computers and project their screens. The addition of a Moderator helps to maintain control and prevents tampering with the projected screen.

Extensive Connectivity
EB-X41 is compatible with HDMI cable. A high quality images and music can be transmitted through an HDMI cable. Moreover, the USB Display function for Windows & Mac PC makes it possible to connect to a PC via a USB cable instead of an RGB cable. It is also possible to view a jpeg/bmp/png/gif file without a PC by simply inserting a USB memory device.

Stylish Design & ECO function
The compact size of EB-X41 (297 x 77 x 234 mm) makes it easy to carry between meetings and maximizes placement possibilities in even the smallest of meeting rooms. And EB-X41 was designed to prevent anyone from being exposed to the hot exhaust even when on a narrow table. Furthermore, the long-life lamp will last up to 10,000 hours in Eco mode, which minimizes lamp replacement, and therefore reduces total cost of ownership.

      • Projection System: 3LCD, 3-chip technology
      • Native Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)
      • Color Brightness: 3600 lumens1
      • White Brightness: 3600 lumens1
  • Model: V11H843060
  • Far more accurate color with Epson — 3LCD, 3-chip technology for 3x Higher Color Brightness* and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut than competitive DLP projectors
  •  3600 lumens1 Color Brightness for more accurate, vivid color
    3600 lumens1 White Brightness for well-lit rooms
  • XGA resolution (1024 x 768) — 1.5x more resolution than SVGA for projecting advanced presentations with text-heavy charts and spreadsheets
  • Fast, easy setup, only from Epson — get up and running in no time with easy image adjustments and convenient control
  • Compatible with the latest laptops and media players — supports HDMI, the standard in connectivity, for digital video and audio with just one cable
  • Portability you need for presentations on the go — carrying case included
  • USB Plug 'n Play — use the included USB cable to instantly project content from a PC or Mac®
    Eco Features
    , go towww.epson.com/environment
  • Specifications Projector:

    Lamp Life:
  • ECO mode: Up to 10000 hours2
  • Normal mode: Up to 5000 hours2
    Throw Ratio Range: 1.48 (Zoom: Wide)
    1.77 (Zoom: Tele)Keystone Correction:
  • Automatic: Vertical: ±30 degrees
  • Manual: Horizontal: ±30 degrees
    Size - projected distance: 30" — 300" (0.9 ® 9.0 m)USB Plug 'n Play:
  • Projects audio and video
  • PC and Mac® compatible
    Contrast Ratio: Up to 15000:1Color Processing: Up to 1.07 billion colorsProjection System: Epson 3LCD
    3-chip technologyProjection Method: Front / rear / ceiling mountDriving Method: Poly-silicon TFT Active MatrixPixel Number: 786432 dots (1024 x 768) x 3Color Brightness - Color Light Output: 3600 lumens1White Brightness - White Light Output: 3600 lumens1Aspect Ratio: 0.16875Native Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)Resize: 800 x 600 (SVGA)
    1152 x 864 (SXGA)
    1280 x 800 (WXGA)
    1280 x 960 (SXGA2)
    1280 x 1024 (SXGA3)
    1440 x 900 (WXGA+)
    1400 x 1050 (SXGA+)
    1600 x 900 (WXGA++)
    1600 x 1200 (UXGA)Lamp Type: 200 W UHE
  • Power:

    Power Supply Voltage: 100 – 240 V ±10%
    50/60 HzPower Consumption:
  • ECO mode: 214 W
  • Normal mode: 291 W
  • Remote Control:

    Features: Source search selection
    A/V Mute
    page up and down
    mouse functionsOperating Angle:
  • Right / Left: ±30 degrees
  • Upper / Lower: ±15 degrees
    Operating Distance: 19.7 ft (6 m)
  • Dimensions Projectors:

    Including feet: 11.7" x 9.2" x 3.2" (W x D x H)Excluding feet: 11.7" x 9.2" x 3.0" (W x D x H)

    General Projector (Projector Details):

    Display Performance:
  • NTSC: 480 lines
  • PAL: 576 line
    (Depends on observation of the multi-burst pattern)Interfaces:
  • HDMI x 1
  • Computer/component video: D-sub 15 pin x 1
  • S-video: Mini DIN x 1
  • Composite video: RCA (Yellow) x 1
  • Audio in: RCA x 1 (White/Red)
  • USB connector Type A x 1: PC-free USB and other
    Wireless LAN
  • USB connector Type B x 1: USB Plug ‘n Play
    Input Signal: NTSC / NTSC4.43 / PAL / M-PAL / N-PAL / PAL60 / SECAMSpeaker: 2 W monoFan Noise:
  • ECO mode: 29 dB
  • Normal mode: 37 dB
  • Notes:

    *Color brightness (color light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Leading Epson 3LCD business and education projectors compared to leading 1-chip DLP projectors, based on NPD data for June 2013 through May 2014 and PMA Research data for Q1 through Q3 2013.

    † Gamut volume of leading Epson business and education projectors compared to leading 1-chip DLP projectors, based on NPD data for June 2013 through May 2014. Volume is measured in 3D in the CIE L*a*b* coordinate space.

    1 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

    2SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

    Specifications Notes:
    1 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

    2 Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.