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LW-Z900 Industrial Label Writer

Support to print up to 36mm Tape

Print speed up to 35mm/s

With the bundle magnet and handrail, the printer is convenient to stick on the magnet areas

Simple - Efficient - Clear

In any working environment, Epson Label Writer is your best assistant

Cable Management

Solve your cabling task, convenient, safe and reliable

Equipment Label Management

Support different function keys, support different task of patch panel

Goods Storage Label Management

Place the magnetic label on the storage cabinet for item classification, it is more convenient to change or store the label

Support Various Types of Label Tapes

Suitable for different environments, different application and different materials

Industrial applications can be clearly marked and classified

Iron Tape

It can be ironed on the clothes with iron and it will not fall off easily.

Heat Shrinkable Tape

After heating, it is reduced to the cable size, and the management wiring is more efficient.

Heat Resistant Tape

It can also be used for a long time in high temperature environments such as circuit boards and soldering processes.

Reflective Tape

In dark and harsh environments, with a weak light source, the labels are clearly visible

Asset Tape

Elegant look, designed for bar code reading.

Cord Tape

Automatic cutting into a way to wrap around the cord, marking more clearly