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Print Enabler

Epson Print Enabler is the Plugin which is able to print to EPSON printer with Android 4.4 or later on. Android 4.4 or later supported devices are print enabled.
Download Print Enabler

Using your own phone or tablet (Android) to remote print

Step 1

Install Epson Print Enabler in Google Play to your Android Devices, then tap "Print".

Download Print Enabler

Step 2

Your device will search for supported printer under the same Wi-Fi network, please select your Epson printer from the list.

Step 3

Choose your favorite photo to print.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1 What is the Epson Print Enabler?

A1 Epson Print Enabler is the Plugin which is able to print to EPSON printer with Android 4.4 or later on


Q2 Which Epson printers support "Epson Print Enabler"?

A2 Epson iPrint supported CIJ/BIJ/LP products except PCL language supported printers.


Q3 Which devices can I print from?

A3 Android 4.4 or later supported devices are print enabled.


Q4 Which application can I print from?

A4 You can print from below applcation.

1) Photo Viewer
Note : It is displayed as "Gallery" and "Photos", it is available to print by both.

2) Chrome

3 )Gmail

4) Drive (Google Drive)


Q5 How do I set up my tablet for this Print Enabler?

A5 You need to install the "Epson Print Enabler". You can install it when you try to print or download it from the "Google Play".


Q6 How do I print using "Epson Print Enabler"?

A6 Do the below steps::
Note : Your tablet must be connected to the same network as your Epson product. 
1. Execute application "Photo Viewer" or "Chrome".
2. Tap "Print". If you do not see the Print option, tap the "Menu" icon and then select "Print".
3. Select your printer from the list, tap "OK" and then tap "Connect". 
If you do not see your printer, tap to search for additional printers or tap to add a printer manually using the IP address of the printer.
4. Select the number of copies you want to print, or tap "More options" to choose the Color Mode, Paper Size of Orientation.
5. Tap "Print".


Q7 I debate whether I will use "Epson Print Enabler" or "Epson iPrint".
What is the merit and demerit of each?

A7 The merit of each are as below.

Epson Print Enabler:
1. The merit of Epson Print Enabler. 
It is easy to print the data for Photo, Web page, mail and etc.
2. The demerit of Epson Print Enabler.
Epson Printer Enabler does not support so many "Paper Size" and "Paper Type". Also, there is no preview function, but it is N/A to edit layout.

Epson iPrint:
1. The merit of Epson iPrint. 
Epson Print Enabler support several "Paper Size" and "Paper Type". Also, it is available to change "Date Print" and "Layout of Photo".You can print with layout what you want because you can edit layout by watching preview.


Q8 What media types and sizes are supported?

A8 Supported media types and sizes are below.


Paper Size


A4 (Plain Paper)


Plain Paper

A4 (Photo Paper)


Photo Paper

Letter (Plain Paper)


Plain Paper

Letter (Photo Paper)


Photo Paper

4 x 6 in

4*6 in

Photo Paper

3.5 x 5 in

3.5*5 in

Photo Paper

Post Card (Inkjet Paper)

Post Card

Post Card (IJ)

Post Card (Glossy Paper)

Post Card

Post Card (Photo)


Q9 What printer settings are available?

A9 There are [Printer settings] and [Additional printer settings].

1.Printer settings
Note : These items are defined by Android OS specification.
Items and Selections :

  • Printer : Local Area Network (LAN) printing only
  • Paper Size : Please find the above [A9].
  • Color: Mono/Color
  • Orientation: Portrait/Landscape
  • Pages: All/Range

2.Additional printer settings
Note: These items are defined by Epson.
Items and Selections:

  • Quality: Draft/Normal/Best
  • Layout: Borders/Borderless
  • 2-sided printing : Off/Long edge/Short edge


Q10 What languages are supported??

A10 Supported Languages are below.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)


Q11 Which files can I print?

A11 Supported file depends upon each application.


Q12 I could download and install Epson Print Enabler by Google Play, but I cannot print by Epson Print

A12 Please do below steps.

1. Tap [Settings].

2. Tap [Printing].

3. Tap [Epson Print Enabler] and change [OFF] to [ON].