Your Easiest Way to Print

Step 1
Step 1 Open what you want to print, including web page, email, photo or document. Let's say you are printing a web page, tap the "Bookmark" button to open the menu.

Step 2
Step 2 Tap "Print".

Step 3
Step 3 Tap "Select Printer".

Step 4
Step 4 Your device will search for supported printer under the same Wi-Fi network, please select your Epson printer from the list.

Step 5
Step 5 You may choose the number of copies and double-sided printing. Or simply tap "Print"!


Service content

Q1 What is AirPrint?

A1 AirPrint is Apple's proprietary technology to print from iOS devices wirelessly without a printer driver.


Q2 What is the feature of AirPrint?

A2 It is able to print from "iOS device wirelessly" without a printer driver.


Q3 Which iOS version does it support AirPrint?

A3 AirPrint is supported on "iOS4.2 or later".


Q4 What is iOS device?

A4 iOS devices are Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad/iPad2.


Q5 Which Epson printers support AirPrint?

A5 Please refer HERE for a list of Epson Printers which support Apple AirPrint.


Q6 Which application does AirPrint support?

A6 Basically, Safari, mail and Photos support AirPrint.


Q7 Which paper size does AirPrint support?

A7 Regarding Mail or Web browser, A4 (Letter in US) Plain paper are supported. Regarding Photo, 4*6 inch Premium Glossy Photo Paper is supproted.


Q8 First page is printed with blank page if you print the Word document data with multiple pages. What do you have to do?

A8 Printing result is OK if you print PDF data.


Q9 There is any difference between 1 copy and multiple copies if you print with 1 copy and with multiple copies from Photo data. (A little bit tinged with red in Photo printed result in case of multiple copies)

A9 This is restriction of iOS, there is no countermeasure to aviod this phenomenon.