The TM-T82 is a thermal printer which included useful accessories in the all-in-one package. The TM-T82 is compactly designed with the power supply mounted inside and allows various installation layouts such as horizontal, vertical, and wall-hanging installation to meet the demand of a wide variety of customers' applications.

All in one package
For the TM-T82, all the necessities such as the printer driver, utility software, manuals, interface cable, wall hanging bracket, rubber feet and switch panel for vertical installation, and water-proof power switch cover.

Flexible installability
The TM-T82 is designed for easy installation in shops and stores. Even if it is installed horizontally with its back directly against the wall, its cover can be opened, so no extra space is needed. If the accessory switch panel for vertical installation is used when installed vertically, easy operation is available thanks to its good visibility. By attaching the wall hanging bracket to the bottom, The TM-T82 can be set with its front perpendicularly for installation to other devices.

Reliability for many kinds of paper
The TM-T82's auto cutter is processed by the Solid-Chromium plating treatment, even if the paper other than the EPSON recommended, they minimize the risk to lose reliability.