Epson launched a new series of high brightness multimedia projector. In addition to 3LCD technology to enhance projection quality, EB-4000 series incorporated different functions to enhance better usage of the projector.

High brightness
The brightness of EB-4650 reaches 5,200lumens. It delivers dazzling high-definition even in lecture halls, large conference rooms, auditoriums, and churches. Epson used “color light output” to evaluate the brightness of the projector. Comparing with the typical usage of “white light source” to evaluate the brightness, the use of color light output evaluation is much more practical (Please visit to learn more about color light output). Furthermore, the contrast ratio of EB-4650 reaches 5000:1, which further enhance the projection quality.

Extended Lamp Life
To enhance better usage and protect the environment, the lamp life of EB-4650 achieves 4,000 hours or 5,000 hours under eco mode.

Wide lens shift
Epson EB-4000 series provides a wide lens shift range, which permits users to have flexibility in projector and screen placement. The maximum vertical lens shift of EB-4650 reaches ±58%, while the maximum horizontal lens shift reaches ±38%.

Arc Correction and 9x9 Point Correction
Arc Correction function makes it easy to quickly and precisely correct any vertical or horizontal bowing distortion of the projected image, while the Point Correction function helps to fine-tune the image using a projected 9x9 matrix at a maximum.

DICOM SIM Mode produces images with clear shadows, ideal for projecting X-ray and other medical images.

Warranty Service
2 Years onsite warranty service to be provided for local purchase. The warranty service can be extended by purchasing Epson Coverplus Extended Warranty.