Go digital for higher productivity that will boost your bottom line
The Epson SurePress L-4033A Digital Inkjet Label Press makes short run printing much easier, faster and more efficient, giving you higher productivity and profitability. Not only will it streamline your current workflow, it will add to your bottom line by allowing you to accept additional short run jobs. What’s more, print quality is exceptionally high, with accurate colour reproduction for precise colour matching. It supports a wide range of standard label stocks, and is extremely easy to operate and maintain.

Expand your short-run printing capabilities
With the Epson SurePress L-4033A, you’re ready to handle all the short-run printing your customers need for sales promotions. They’ll appreciate the quick turnaround and high quality, and you’ll benefit by being able to offer them more versatile printing solutions, even for short-term promotions.

Consistently high print quality with vibrant, accurate colours

SurePress AQ Inks: high quality, wide colour gamut, environment friendly

Epson developed a new water-based pigment ink set customised for the SurePress L-4033A with six colours including Green and Orange for an extra-wide colour gamut. It ensures accurate colour reproduction for precise colour matching, and provides excellent adhesion on a wide variety of standard label stock substrates without the need for any pre-treatment.

Micro Piezo™ Multi-Print Head Array

Epson technology has created heads with micro-fine nozzles that deliver perfectly accurate dot shapes and placement for each colour, resulting in superior colour quality and sharp detail for barcodes and small text. The head array is also designed to significantly reduce printing time.

Variable-Sized Droplet Technology

Complementing this advanced head array is Epson’s Variable- Sized Droplet Technology, which produces different size ink droplets as small as 3.0 picolitres. These precisely sized droplets allow the ink to be uniformly applied, contributing to smooth gradations and accurate colours for optimum image quality.

Dual Drying System
A unique two-stage drying process ensures optimum ink adhesion to any substrate. The first drying stage is a platen heater, which imprints the image onto the substrate. As the illustration shows, the substrate then moves down to the second drying stage, where hot air blown from a fan vaporizes the remaining substances. After drying, the substrate cools as it moves to the final winding stage.

Expanded Colour Gamut with Greater Colour Intensity
Epson inks are known for their wide colour gamut and accurate colour reproduction. Now with Green and Orange inks in addition to Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, Epson expands the colour gamut for even higher accuracy. The difference is especially noticeable in the bright green to yellow and yellow-orange-red portions of the colour space. You will be able to more accurately match colours and the intense colours will make labels look more appealing.

Easy Operation Provides Numerous Benefits Leading to Greater Profitability

Simplified Setup and Operation Means Big Gains in Efficiency

Unlike analogue presses that require long and complicated make-ready work, SurePress setup is quick and easy, with no need for skilled operators. The pre-press process doesn’t require chemicals or plates, and with digital printing you don’t have to make various adjustments during print runs.

Maintenance requirements are minimal, so there’s less downtime. This all adds up to a faster, more efficient workflow, allowing you to handle a higher number of short-run jobs. What’s more, initial and operating costs are low, and you’ll be using less substrates and energy. The result? Significantly higher profitability.

User-Friendly Interface, Touch-Screen Operation

Easy-to-understand menus and procedure enable anyone to quickly become a skilled operator. The touch-screen panel is extremely simple to use, so preset configurations can be quickly set and operating status easily checked at any time. Settings for specific types of jobs can be memorised, so setup is even faster the next time that type of job comes in.

Automatic Colour Management

Achieving accurate colour matching is extremely important, but generally requires considerable expertise. The SurePress L-4033A handles this task automatically, so you get precise colour rendering for every job, every time.

Easy Maintenance

Minimal maintenance requirements save you time and money. The simple mechanism is easy to access and maintain. Best of all, there is no need for time-consuming ink replacement (cleaning, blending, etc.) – the operator simply replaces the ink cartridges.